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Day One Media helps businesses tell their story in memorable ways. Employing the tools of video production, photography and graphic design, Day One Media crafts beautiful and moving pieces that have a lasting impact on customers. We have worked for numerous clients and delivered world-class service resulting in elevated brand awareness and motivating current and new buyers to our clients' businesses. We work with your target in mind: results in your bottom line. Current clients include Fluor, Xerox, Billy Graham Association, Samaritan's Purse.



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What do you do with customer feedback?

Gil Ngai

Most of us business owners have some process for customer feedback. Often it is as simple as just asking our clients if they are pleased. But what is your process to record, track and respond to this feedback? Surveys continually show that 50% of customers will seek out other vendors due to a poor customer experience.

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Lessons from Nenshi

Gil Ngai

I spent 3 months with Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi and his campaign team during the 2017 civic election. We worked on 8 video projects together, helping him share his vision and tell his story. Here's what I learned from the guy who won a World Mayor Prize:

1. Be the real thing. 

Authenticity is everything in this era of live media. Nenshi was the same guy on TV as he was with me in private. My team and I were working for him as one of many vendors and volunteers. He always treated us with respect and courtesy, while acknowledging our expertise. He even hugged our whole team, and that was well before election day. Sure he can be feisty at times, and that is a part of who he is. He doesn't hide it. And that isn't out of line when the media or opponents attack you. And yes he doesn't like Uber, and to each his own opinions. So don't pretend to be someone else. Be the same person wherever you go.

2. Treat people with love.

That sounds a bit mushy, but frankly, who doesn't appreciate a loving person. They really make the world a better place. And you'll make a lot of friends too. Sure, some people are hard to deal with. You are a better person if you treat them with respect anyway, then move on. Nenshi's kindness and positive attitude was contagious. It made me want to be kinder and more gracious with others.

3. Know your stuff.

Nenshi had the reputation of being "One-Take Nenshi". And sure enough, he delivered on that reputation. Nenshi had scripts and speeches handed to him before going on camera. He would glance at them and proceed to leave them behind. He would speak from his heart. And those messages were always clear and passionate. So if you are running a business or any sort of leadership position, practice articulating what you do and why it matters. It will have a real impact on others. If you don't know, you're probably doing the wrong thing.

4. Grow your passion.

If what you do matters, then get passionate about it. It's a bit of an overused term these days, but excitement spreads like wildfire. Nenshi spoke about the future of Calgary with great anticipation and desire to see big positive changes. It always came out in his voice, expressions, and body language. Having a deep passion and belief for what you are doing will communicate so much more than any advertising. 

5. Live efficiently.

There is no end to the topic of work efficiency but I say, live efficiently. Nenshi is well-known for attending multiple functions all over the city on any given day. You can't do that if you waste your time. Take an honest assessment at how much TV you watch, how much time you are on your phone, how much time you take to do coffee, even how much time you spend in the bathroom. To achieve big goals, you need all the time you can get. And all those minutes in between tasks, and doing mindless things just might be wasting your life.

I don't profess to live all these principles well. But I was inspired to live better after meeting Nenshi. Please share what daily principle you live by.

And check out the Best of Nenshi here:


Lessons from Pixar and Beyond

Gil Ngai

This story was a wild ride with numerous business lessons to be learned. Two extremely remarkable things occurred to me in this story. The first was that from the time that Levy met Jobs for the first time in 1994 and accepted the job, to when Pixar released A Bug's Life and subsequently Toy Story 2 in 1999, only FIVE years had passed. In five years, Pixar was already a world wide sensation. Think about this for a minute. How many of us, as owners of small businesses have even a fraction of this kind of vision for succeeding in mind for the next five years?

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MacBook Pro 2016 - An Entrepreneur Review

Gil Ngai

 Thin, light, fast, expensive.

Thin, light, fast, expensive.

I started the new year with a new 2016 Apple MacBook Pro Touchbar. I chose the 13” model, with the 3.3 Ghz Intel Core i7 and upgraded all the other options included 16GB RAM and a 512GB SSD. I wasn't able to upgrade the Intel Graphics Iris 550 card, which was disappointing. I’ve used it for two solid months and here is my impression. This won’t be about the detailed specs or any speed tests, as there’s plenty of others commenting on that. Instead, this is my experience as a small business owner.

This notebook is incredibly thin and light. It is truly a thing of beauty. But the most asked question is, "how useful is that touch bar?" The Macbook touchbar is a thin touch screen strip placed above the keyboard where the F-Keys were. It places context sensitive functions for the current app being used. For example when showing my work to clients at a café, they love the touch scrub bar that appears for videos. It's extremely responsive and works perfectly. In fact all my apps have some useful options that appear on the touch bar to make my work just a little easier. As I am typing this, words are appearing (completion suggestions) on the touch bar just like they do on my iPhone. The touchbar can be edited to include my favourite shortcuts as well, through the Finder app.

It certainly took some time to get use to this approach. The more I use the touch bar, the more it became something of real value: it's not just a shortcut from using the trackpad. Instead, it shows many useful actions culled from the busy desktop screen.

The keyboard is now lower profile and requires less effort but still has a solid click. The finger ID log in works quickly and is a nice feature, allowing up to 5 different fingerprints. The trackpad is much larger. The entire computer is thinner and lighter. The two thin speakers on each side of the keyboard sound really good.  

Now the downside: the beloved magsafe port is gone, all to be replaced with 2 or 4 USB-C/Thunderbolt ports (depending on the model you choose). The only other port is the headphone jack. I have to carry a multi port adaptor with me at all times. The wings on the power brick for winding the the thin cable are also gone as is the extended power cable. That has been replaced entirely with a longer USB-C cable. 

So ultimately how useful is this touch bar MacBook Pro? Is it a game changer?  Yes and no. If you have the previous generation, I wouldn’t rush out to get this. The performance improvement on it is rather slight. However if your laptop is much older, this machine is going to be a delight. It is light, fast and performs beautifully. Some of my video colleagues are considering upgrading to a loaded previous generation MacBook Pro so they don’t have to fight with dongles. That is certainly a viable option. But like all things in the Mac universe, once initiated, plenty of others tend to jump on board. This is witnessed in the GoPro Hero 5 with a USB-C port. This article may lead you to believe USB-C is the one cable to rule them all. As apps develop specifically for the touch bar, more and more useful features will appear on it. And just like everything else we get use to, in time, I will likely say that it has become a part of my workflow and I would never go back. 

3 Steps to a Personal Rebrand

Gil Ngai

Rebrand yourself in 3 easy steps.

In an economic downturn, it is more crucial than ever to stand out amongst the crowd. This is the season to take the time to rebrand yourself and get noticed. There are endless pages of mediocre profiles on LinkedIn, filled with people who are there because everyone else is. Taking these steps will make all the difference when someone is looking to hire.

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Gil Ngai

While in Vancouver, I had a little time to brush up our photography skills. I ventured onto Cambie and Broadway which was packed with shoppers and traffic on a Monday night. I played with some long exposures of City Hall. How fun was that?!

Medical Shoot

Gil Ngai

This week we traveled to Vancouver, BC for one of our American clients to highlight their new medical technology in the operating room. We shot with 4 cameras covering every angle of this procedure. This required close cooperation with the surgeon and the surgical team in close confines. Overall, it was an exciting experience.

Martin Parnell Shoot

Gil Ngai

Thanks to DohertyBryant, we just shot an inspirational presentation by international speaker, author and athlete Martin Parnell. At 47, Martin Parnell wasn’t in running shape.  Now only 10 years later, he’s completed an astonishing 250 marathons in one year, set four Guinness World Records and, in March of this year, returned from Kilimanjaro after running a marathon and three days later summiting the mountain is 21 hours. In 2010 Martin ran 250 marathons and raised $320,000 for the children’s charity Right To Play. He has now begun his “Quests for Kids” initiative, aiming to complete 10 quests in 5 years, raise $1m for Right To Play and  change the lives of 20,000 of the world’s most disadvantaged children. He is author of “MARATHON QUEST”, published by Rocky mountain Books, which shows how, through determination and persistence, one person can affect change, one step at a time.

Our patio is open.

Gil Ngai

Now the rains have finally subsided, our rooftop patio is open. With lots of cushy chairs, and a great skyline view, this is a primo place to hang out. Drop by any weekday to enjoy it!

 View from the deck.

View from the deck.

Online Video: The latest stats

Gil Ngai

Our friends at Funnelbox have released the latest stats on video. These stats are pretty hard to ignore. Video is not a fad or just for fun anymore. Customers now expect it. It gives credibility to your business. Your competition is using it. If you aren't at least considering video, you are missing a huge piece of marketing advantage.

Honest Logos

Gil Ngai


If corporations were honest, their logos might look like these. Viktor Hertz, a Swedish designer created these clever logos highlighting the shortfalls of these corporations. 

Hypervibe reminds us to get fit

Gil Ngai

This month, we worked with our super-fit friends at Hypervibe again, producing more great exercise videos. Deb and Lindsay reminded us that life/work balance is so crucial. Despite how tirelessly we focus on our video projects, we all need exercise desperately. Here's to Hypervibe for keeping us in check. We are committed to staying creative and fit! No amount of success in business is worthwhile without our health to enjoy it.  Congratulations to Deb Pelletier for the opening of her own fitness studio ReVibe on 16th Avenue!!


Gil Ngai

Day One Media is a member of the Calgary Professional Videographer's Association. The CPVA is a group of professionals engaged in producing top-notch video in Calgary. This month I led the discussion and demonstrated the power of using #slomo #slowmotion footage in our videos. As cameras become increasingly more powerful and sophisticated, we as professional not only keep up with technology but are exploring leading-edge techniques that benefit our customers. Slow motion footage has a beautiful ethereal quality that captures moments in time. It is like a striking photograph with motion embedded. Talk to us if this technique will benefit your product or services.

True Love with Customers

Gil Ngai

This great info graphic from Salesforce desk illustrates 10 powerful principles to love your customers. It reminds us they are our most valuable asset. We need to respect them, listen to them, trust them, and thank them. We have been adopting these principles and consciously improving our customer experience. We take our customers seriously using these ideas. I hope they will help your business too.


Solar Hero 2 Producers tour our offices

Gil Ngai

Solar Hero 2, a film Day One Media did shooting for, is a documentary raising awareness of the aboriginal housing crisis in Canada and exploring holistic solutions to it. The producers of the film visited Day One Media's office this week to tour our studio and view our extensive video production equipment for their next film about the impact of energy use. We are excited to contribute to indie filmmaking in Alberta! #indiefilms #solarhero2

Client: Xerox

Gil Ngai


Interbrand currently ranks Xerox as the 59th most recognizable brand in the world. Xerox innovations are global - a leading document management company who is increasingly focused on providing complex solutions-oriented business services. We are extremely pleased to be working with Xerox on some exciting media projects this month to help promote their expanding capabilities! Xerox has been benefitting from Day One Media's expertise in video production, photography and graphic design to help demonstrate their service excellence.