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Day One Media helps businesses tell their story in memorable ways. Employing the tools of video production, photography and graphic design, Day One Media crafts beautiful and moving pieces that have a lasting impact on customers. We have worked for numerous clients and delivered world-class service resulting in elevated brand awareness and motivating current and new buyers to our clients' businesses. We work with your target in mind: results in your bottom line. Current clients include Fluor, Xerox, Billy Graham Association, Samaritan's Purse.

Why You Need to Start Telling Stories with Video


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Why You Need to Start Telling Stories with Video

Gil Ngai

In the bestselling book In Arabina Nights, author Tahir Shah weaves fantastical tales of the Middle East. He calls stories, the communal currency of humankind. In this era of informational overload, great stories stand out as the oasis for all to gather. Stories bind us together. They create community. And they have always outlasted their storytellers, being passed on for generations.

At every social function I attend, people gather in small tribes each waiting their turn to share their story. Sharing our stories give us significance allowing others to share in our adventures. In business, it is no different. Nobody likes to be sold to but everyone loves a good story. We need to tell, not sell.

So why do people love stories?

Stories connect with people emotionally. People don’t care about products. They care about how something makes them feel. Stories give a product the feelings it needs to be meaningful. Stories give a brand significance. When a brand has meaning, its value towers over others. Stories are memorable. We remember a good story long after getting and forgetting the facts.

Why is video showing up everywhere?

Video moves people emotionally. Video with story has a way of making us laugh, cry, and ponder. Video creates powerful mental images. The things we see and hear become who we are. Video moves people physically. Video with story engages people so deeply that they need to respond. 

Think about changing your conversation about marketing, creating content, or producing videos.  Start talking about how to tell your story. I don’t mean a contrived marketing story. I mean your authentic story of who you are and how you got here. This is the kind of story that people can relate to. This is the kind of story that move people. It is the path for them to connect with your brand.