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Day One Media helps businesses tell their story in memorable ways. Employing the tools of video production, photography and graphic design, Day One Media crafts beautiful and moving pieces that have a lasting impact on customers. We have worked for numerous clients and delivered world-class service resulting in elevated brand awareness and motivating current and new buyers to our clients' businesses. We work with your target in mind: results in your bottom line. Current clients include Fluor, Xerox, Billy Graham Association, Samaritan's Purse.


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Aerial Footage

Gil Ngai


A Calgary client hired us to shoot aerial footage based on a character referral. They had never seen our work! That's what I call faith. 

There was a lot at stake with this shoot: The right weather, the props and the model, the remote location ad not the least, the pricey helicopter rental. We loaded up the car with all of our heavy equipment. We brought 5 cameras and and a ton of hardware. Not having met the client, we didn't know for sure what we were dealing with.

By 1pm we were in the helicopter capturing footage and photography of the area. After a long hard day near Golden, BC, we were rewarded with some spectacular footage of the Columbia River Valley. We systemically delivered all the shots the client required.

This project affirms our commitment to our clients - that we will do everything necessary to complete the job and deliver an outstanding product.  It also attests to the power of the customer to create customers. Word of mouth trumps advertising.

Check out the work here: Day One Media Aerial Footage