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Day One Media helps businesses tell their story in memorable ways. Employing the tools of video production, photography and graphic design, Day One Media crafts beautiful and moving pieces that have a lasting impact on customers. We have worked for numerous clients and delivered world-class service resulting in elevated brand awareness and motivating current and new buyers to our clients' businesses. We work with your target in mind: results in your bottom line. Current clients include Fluor, Xerox, Billy Graham Association, Samaritan's Purse.


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iPhone 5C

Gil Ngai


Now that the dust has settled on the new iPhone 5c's, we can get a better picture on the success of this product. And it appears by all calculations that it is another landslide victory for Apple. Who are these buyers? Sure, adding the massive China market skews the numbers, but there are still droves of people with current smartphones who upgraded. I have been trying to understand the appeal of this upgrade. There are some speed improvements, a cleaner interface and some other minor changes. Then there is the big selling feature: colour. Was it just me or did we all underestimate how the choice of colour could motivate so many people to buy? Or could it simply be the power of the brand? Do people inherently trust Apple's brand to the point that anything they produce is worthy of their ownership? There, of course, could be many more reasons but I want to highlight both of these views. Here's two quick points I learned here:

• Don't estimate the power of style and design. Make your product look and work great. Details matter. Colour matters.

 • Keep strengthening your brand. Make it simple, strong and well-designed. Then get your name out there. And don't stop innovating.